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2023: Vol 38 Iss 3
Published: 2023-03-03


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Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal

This authoritative quarterly publication provides professionals and innovators, in research, academia, and industry with detailed information they need on the latest developments in: distribution generation, demand side response, demand side management, 4th and 5th generation district heating and cooling schemes, combined heat and power, smart local energy systems (SLES) including smart cities and integrated heat power and mobility schemes, renewables and alternative energy such as solar, wind, hydrogen and hydroelectric, carbon capture and storage, fuel cells, waste energy recovery and other cleantech developments.
Each issue includes original articles covering the design, analysis, operations and maintenance, legal, technical and planning issues, strategy and policy approaches related to the above. Promising new innovations and projects will be showcased and described. They will be evaluated for original content and current market relevance, providing readers with confidence about the depth and content of the materials. As a journal with a long-standing history, we are proud to bring you the latest in these global developments.