Taguchi-EM-AI Design Optimization Environment for SynRM Drives in Traction Applications


  • A.A. Arkadan Colorado School of Mines, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Golden CO 80401, USA
  • N. Al Aawar 2 Marquette University, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Milwaukee WI, 53233, USA


design optimization, Taguchi algorithm


Multi-objective design optimization environments are used for electric vehicles and other traction applications to arrive at efficient motor drives. Typically, the environment includes characterization modules that involve the use of Electromagnetic Finite Element and State-Space models that require large number of iterations and computational time. This work proposes the utilization of a Taguchi orthogonal arrays method in conjunction with a Particle Swarm Optimization search algorithm to reduce computational time needed in the design optimization of electric motors for traction applications. The effectiveness of the Taguchi method in conjunction with the optimization environment is demonstrated in a case study involving a prototype of a Synchronous Reluctance Motor drive system.


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