Numerical Analysis of the Corrosion of Buried Pipes near High Voltage Transmission Lines


  • Darío Mateo Arango Angarita Dept. of Electrical Engineering Universidad Nacional Colombia Bogotá, Colombia
  • Daniel Vargas Medina Dept. of Electrical Engineering Universidad Nacional Colombia Bogotá, Colombia
  • Javier Leonardo Araque Quijano Dept. of Electrical Engineering Universidad Nacional Colombia Bogotá, Colombia


Buried pipelines, corrosion, electromagnetic fields, HVTL, multi-physics


We present the multi-physical analysis of the induction-corrosion process undergone by a buried pipe subject to electromagnetic induction from a nearby High Voltage Transmission Line (HVTL). The scenario analyzed models a typical situation found in Colombia by using realistic characteristics of the pipe, the HVTL, and environmental parameters such as soil resistivity. The results presented provide a quantitative view of the corrosion process and constitute a useful tool for the analysis and design of the increasingly common situation of pipelines running near HVTLs.


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