A High Gain Lens-Coupled On-Chip Antenna Module for Miniature-Sized Millimeter-Wave Wireless Transceivers


  • Milad Moosavifar Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department University of Michigan Ann Arbor, USA
  • David Wentzloff Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department University of Michigan Ann Arbor, USA


5G, antenna efficiency, dielectric lens, dipole, energy efficiency, high-speed communication, isolation, low-power, mm-wave, radar, receiver, silicon integrated circuits, slot, transmitter, wireless communication


This paper presents high gain and compact Transmit/Receive (TX/RX) integrated antennas in a standard BiCMOS 130nm technology for millimeter-scale millimeter-wave (mm-wave) applications, including high data rate radios and high resolution radars. The proposed TX/RX antenna module utilizes an integrated dipole antenna for the receiver and a slot antenna for the transmitter, placed orthogonally. The achieved gain and radiation efficiency are 5.7dBi and 41.3% for the slot antenna, respectively, and 6dBi and 39% for the dipole antenna. The link budget is improved by 16dB by optimization on the geometry as well as application of a high resistivity hemispheric silicon dielectric lens.


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