IMPATT Efficiency Extraction Using On-Chip Antenna Radiation


  • Talal Al-Attar Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science & Engineering Division King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia


avalanche frequency, coplanar waveguide, high frequency, IMPATT diode, microstrip patch antenna, skin depth, surface roughness, transmission line


IMPATT diodes were designed and integrated with microstrip patch antenna on–chip in standard CMOS technology to extract the efficiency beyond avalanche frequency. By comparing the on-chip simulations and measurements of an IMPATT diode integrated in a CPW to an integrated one with a microstrip patch antenna at the same biasing conditions, the results demonstrated an efficiency ranging from ~ 0.01% to 0.016% without and with the added surface roughness losses, respectively. Such variation is strongly associated with the uncertainty provided by the increase of conduction losses ranging between 40%~80% beyond the avalanche frequency.


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