The Fluid-structure Coupling Analysis of Steel-Wire-Reinforced Flexible Pipe Under Inner Fluid Pressure Impact




Fluid-structure coupling, steel-wire-reinforced flexible pipe, transient dynamic simulation, finite element analysis


Identifying dynamic characteristics of the fluid filled steel-wire-reinforced flexible pipe is vital in controlling the pipe vibration. A direct fluid-structure coupling method based on finite element analysis is proposed and validated by modal simulation of an oil filled T-shape pipe. An innovative way of modeling steel-wire-reinforced rubber pipe is put forward. The modeling method is validated by modal test of the water-filled pipe. The 2nd Mooney-Rivlin constitutive model is used for the rubber material. Transient dynamic simulations of a bending steel-wire-reinforced pipe filled with water under step and sine-shape pressure impact are performed for the first time. Different fluid turbulence models are used to evaluate the influences on pipe vibration. The dynamic characteristics of the water filled flexible pipe is researched under different fluid pressures. The vibration peak frequencies of the water-filled pipe under various impact excitations coincide well with the fluid-structure coupling modes of the pipe.


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Author Biography

Zhang Shouyuan, School of Vehicle and Mobility, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Zhang Shouyuan is a Ph.D. student at the Tsinghua University since Autumn 2015. He received his Master.Sc. in Vehicle Engineering from the Northeastern University, China in 2008. He has a solid experience in NVH (Noise/Vibration and Harshness) simulation of automobile electrical powertrain and body structure. His Ph.D. work focuses on thermal-fluid-structure simulation of reciprocating seals and flexible pipe used in hydrogas suspension.


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