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With the ever-growing increase in data intensive web applications, security risks are also ramping up. Web data need to be authenticated and reliable, before its use. Data Provenance-aware methods are capable of identification of data breaches and manipulation through various attacks. It analyses underlying data for the potential threats to ensure protection against various attacks.
This special issue has provided the platform to address all the related issues of securing the web data along with the recent data provenance and related security methods in all major and potential areas. It attempted to cover a broad range of innovative research ideas and their implementations on various application domains. The papers of this special issue were focused on the learning, analysis and synthesis of advanced security methods, web data provenance, and its applications.
Highlighting theoretical perspectives and empirical research, we hope that this special issue will prove to be a comprehensive reference source for researchers, practitioners, students, and professionals interested in the current advancements and efficient use of Web Data Provenance methods for generation-next security.
We express our heartfelt gratitude to all the authors, reviewers and River Publishers, especially to Rajeev Prasad, and Karen Donnison for their endless motivation and patience. We hope that this issue will be beneficial to all the concerned readers.


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Advances in Web Data Provenance for Mitigation of Web Application Security Risks