• M.A. BARCELONA IT Area, ITAINNOVA; IWT2 Research Group, University of Seville Zaragoza, Spain; Seville, Spain
  • L. GARCIA-BORGONON IT Area, ITAINNOVA; IWT2 Research Group, University of Seville Zaragoza, Spain; Seville, Spain
  • G. LOPEZ-NICOLAS IT Area, ITAINNOVA; IWT2 Research Group, University of Seville Zaragoza, Spain; Seville, Spain
  • I. RAMOS IWT2 Research Group, University of Seville Seville, Spain
  • M.J. ESCALONA IWT2 Research Group, University of Seville Seville, Spain


Model-BasedWeb Engineering, Interaction Flow Modeling Language, System of Systems


Systems of Systems (SoS) are emerging applications composed by subsystems that interacts in a distributed and heterogeneous environment. Web-based technologies are a current trend to achieve SoS user interaction. Model Driven Web Engineering (MDWE) is the application of Model Driven Engineering (MDE) into the Web development domain. This paper presents a MDWE methodology to include Web-based interaction into SoS development. It's composed of ten models and seven model transformations and it's fully implemented in a support tool for its usage in practice. Quality aspects covered through the traceability from the requirements to the nal code are exposed. The feasibility of the approach is validated by its application into a real-world project. A preliminary analysis of potential benets (reduction of eort, time, cost; improve of quality; design vs code ratio, etc) is done by comparison to other project as an initial hypothesis for a future planned experimentation research.


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