• BELEN RIVERA GIDIS_Web, School of Engineering, National University of La Pampa General Pico, La Pampa 6360, Argentina
  • PABLO BECKER GIDIS_Web, School of Engineering, National University of La Pampa General Pico, La Pampa 6360, Argentina
  • LUIS OLSINA GIDIS_Web, School of Engineering, National University of La Pampa General Pico, La Pampa 6360, Argentina


Quality Views, Strategy Patterns, Evaluation, Improvement, Usability


Nowadays, software and web organizations are immersed in very competitive markets. This situation challenges organizations for paying special attention to the quality of applications and services offered to consumers. For those that frequently carry out quality assurance activities devoted to measurement, evaluation (ME) and change/improvement (MEC) projects, wellfounded quality evaluation and improvement approaches can be a key competitive issue. In this direction, we have developed an integrated quality approach whose architecture is based on quality views, and ME/MEC strategies. In order to bolster the former aspect, we specify, in this work, an ontology for quality views. Quality views and their ‘influences’ and ‘depends on’ relationships between them, are paramount for defining and selecting evaluation and improvement strategy patterns and ultimately specific strategies to be used in ME/MEC projects. A strategy pattern is a reusable solution to recurrent problems in MEC projects. For a project goal, the selected strategy pattern allows one to instantiate a specific strategy, which embraces a set of tailored activities and methods for measurement, evaluation, analysis and change for improvement. Also we discuss a set of strategy patterns and document two patterns, which were used in two case studies for understanding and improving Usability and User Experience.



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