• SURIYA SUNDARAMOORTHY Department of Computer Science & Engineering Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai, Anna University
  • S.P. SHANTHARAJAH Department of Computer Applications Sona College of Technology, Salem, Anna University
  • SURESH KANNAN SUNDARAMOORTHY Department of Computer Science & Engineering Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai, Anna University


Ant Colony algorithm, Frequent Pattern Mining, k-Direct Count and Intersect algorithm, Selective Item Replication algorithm, Transaction Mapping algorithm


Frequent pattern mining always occupies its space in research activities in spite of various emerging research ideas. This paper focuses on performance of four competitive algorithms namely hybrid k-Direct Count and Intersect algorithm with apriori algorithm, hybrid k-Direct Count and Intersect algorithm with transaction mapping algorithm, Modified Ant Colony algorithm and improved Ant Colony algorithm over frequent pattern mining against traditional algorithms. We focus on a set of well defined parameters such as database layout, scanning of input databases, memory requirement, input / output cost, input / output overhead, computational cost, execution speed, scalability, support for parallelization, complexity of the algorithm to do this comparison. Experimental results support for this effective comparison with help of visualization through graphs. We used as front end tool and SQL server 2005 as back end tool for implementing our proposed approaches. As a result of this study, there is good improvement in effectiveness of pattern mining in all aspects while using the improved Ant Colony algorithm against other hybrid approaches and traditional algorithms.



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