• YOUNGGUK HA Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea
  • CHEONSHU PARK ETRI, Daejeon, Korea
  • SANGSEUNG KANG ETRI, Daejeon, Korea


Semantic Web Services, service ontology, semantic service discovery, service composition, location-aware service, ubiquitous service


The recent emergence of ubiquitous computing is rapidly changing computing environments and technologies. Based on the ubiquitous computing technologies, users can be provided with the services they need, anytime and anywhere through not only common computing devices but ubiquitous computing devices such as wireless sensor networks and embedded computers in their daily environments. There are requirements to be met for implementing such ubiquitous service systems. One of the essential requirements is that service applications must provide services dynamically based on the awareness of the current service environments, rather than statically for pre-programmed service environments. That is, service applications need to be aware of feasible service devices and sensors based on the user’s current location, and then interoperable with them automatically. In this paper, we present design and implementation of a service infrastructure for ubiquitous services by the use of Semantic Web Services technology.



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