• JUAN CARLOS PRECIADO Quercus Software Engineering Group / Homeria Escuela Politécnica. Universidad de Extremadura (10071 – Cáceres, Spain)
  • MARINO LINAJE Quercus Software Engineering Group / Homeria Escuela Politécnica. Universidad de Extremadura (10071 – Cáceres, Spain
  • FERNANDO SANCHEZ-FIGUEROA Quercus Software Engineering Group / Homeria Escuela Politécnica. Universidad de Extremadura (10071 – Cáceres, Spain


Web Engineering, User Interfaces, Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications, Web UI evolution


The Web Engineering community provides Web Models that allow the design and development of Web 1.0 applications. Nowadays, there are a growing number of Web 1.0 applications that are migrating towards Web 2.0 User Interfaces, in search of multimedia support and higher levels of interaction among other features. These Web 2.0 features can be implemented using RIA technologies. However, most of the current Web Models do not fully exploit all the potential benefits of Rich Internet Applications. Therefore it is difficult for developers to adapt Web 1.0 applications to Web 2.0 using a methodology. Although there are interesting works that extend existing methodologies to deal with RIA features, either they do not fully exploit presentation issues or they only work with a single Web methodology. In this paper we use RUXMethod to facilitate the evolution of existing Web 1.0 applications based on Web Models to multi-device Web 2.0 applications. RUX-Method focuses on the enrichment of the User Interface while takes full advantage of the functionality already provided by the existing Web models. Far from explaining RUXMethod in detail, this paper focuses on the way the information provided by Web Models is retrieved and then used by RUX-Method.



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