• NIKOS KAROUSOS Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Rion Greece University of Patras, Rion Greece
  • MANOLIS TZAGARAKIS Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Rion Greece University of Patras, Rion Greece
  • CHRIS DIOLIS Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Rion Greece University of Patras, Rion Greece
  • ATHANASIOS TSAKALIDIS Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Rion Greece University of Patras, Rion Greece


Open Hypermedia Systems, hypermedia services, web applications, hypermedia service discovery mechanism, web development


As long as the volume of the distributed information in the Internet increases, the need for useful and easyto- use 3rd party services in Web Applications will be growing. Web developers adopt tactics for integrating external services into their applications, aiming to enrich both utility and efficiency with low cost. A variety of services derived from the area of Open Hypermedia Systems (OHS) can augment web functionality with valuable hypermedia features. Towards that, this paper proposes a framework for enabling the provision of hypermedia services to web developers in a service-oriented manner. It investigates and analyzes the requirements of developers for easily inserting hypermedia functionality into Web applications, thus facilitating rapid prototyping of web applications. A Service Discovery Mechanism for finding and using hypermedia services is defined, and solutions for increasing the usage of hypermedia systems by web developers are proposed.



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