A Method of Stereoscopic Display for Dynamic 3D Graphics on Android Platform


  • Shihong Chen Applied Arts and Science College, Beijing Union University, Beijing, China
  • Zi Jiu School of Digital Art and Animation, Communication University of China, Beijing China




Stereoscopic Display, Dynamic3DGraphic, Parallax


With the widespread use of smart terminals, the convenient use of stereoscopic video display on mobile platforms is urgently needed by more and more people. This study presents a method to rapidly convert 3D dynamic graphics produced by 3D animation software into stereoscopic display suitable for the Android platform, with details of an algorithm to generate double-viewpoint image sequences from single-viewpoint 3D dynamic graphics, and a method for compositing stereoscopic display from double-viewpoint image sequences. It developes a program on the basis of popular animation software to implement this method for realizing automatic generation of dynamic 3D graphics and for outputting composite images that conforms to the binocular characteristics of stereoscopic displays. As shown by experiments, the methods presented by this study, produce better results at a faster speed and provide stronger support for the production of high-quality stereo videos.


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Author Biographies

Shihong Chen, Applied Arts and Science College, Beijing Union University, Beijing, China

Shihong Chen, female, professor of Beijing Union University. She graduated from computer aided design center, School of vehicle engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology. Her current research interest is computer application, digital media technology and computer education.

Zi Jiu, School of Digital Art and Animation, Communication University of China, Beijing China

Zi Jiu, Ph. D., School of Animation Art, Communication University of China. Her hometown is Inner Mongolia, Her main research areas are interactive animation, interactive picture book, Virtual Reality and so on.


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