Application Research of Tethered UAV Platform in Marine Emergency Communication Network


  • Zhiqiang Xu QingDao Jari Automation Company LTD., Shandong 266061, China



Tethered UAV platform, communication support ship, command and communication ship, communication load, repeater communication, emergency communication network, MESH, AIS


In order to meet the needs of emergency communication for major emergency disaster rescue, a wireless emergency communication relay system based on tethered UAV platform is studied. From the perspective of practical application, the characteristics and network coverage of the emergency communication system are analyzed. The mooring UAV platform is equipped with various communication loads such as MESH(wireless grid network communication), 4G-LTE( Long term evolution fourth generation mobile communication) base station, AIS (Automatic Identification System) and so on, which are kept on the communication support ship. When the communication support ship enters the scene of maritime emergencies, the tethered UAV platform lifts off ,stays for a long time and realizes the relay communication service of various carriers within a radius of tens of kilometers through its various communication payloads, which provides key communication support for the Marine emergency communication network. The actual field test of the prototype system shows that the data transmission is stable and reliable, and the short message transmission is normal, which can meet the emergency communication demand of disaster rescue.


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Author Biography

Zhiqiang Xu, QingDao Jari Automation Company LTD., Shandong 266061, China

Zhiqiang Xu is a senior engineer and technical director of Qingdao JARI Automation Co., Ltd. of China shipbuilding group. His research fields include marine informatization and communication navigation engineering. His innovative research and pioneering work in the field of Beidou based air sea three-dimensional positioning navigation and emergency search and rescue system has won the first class of satellite navigation technology progress of China satellite positioning and navigation Association in 2020 Awards. The paper “Research on multi mode fusion wireless communication technology in marine emergency command mobile networking system” was published in global positioning system (GPS), Vol. 45, No. 4, August 2020.


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