Research on Web Data Mining Based on Topic Crawler


  • Hongjian Guo Nanjing Audit University, Jiangsu, China



Topic network, crawler, data mining, web information search.


This paper analyzes the method of Web information data mining based on topic crawler. This paper puts forward the architecture of Web information search and data mining, and introduces the key technology and operation principle of the architecture. After analyzing the functions and shortcomings of ordinary crawler, this paper focuses on the working principle, implementation method and performance analysis of this crawler, as well as the functions of this crawler different from other crawlers and its application in Web information search and data mining system. The experimental results show that the crawler can get all kinds of information resources on the world wide web, which is helpful to the monitoring and management of network cultural content.


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Author Biography

Hongjian Guo, Nanjing Audit University, Jiangsu, China

Hongjian Guo is a college teacher of Nanjing Audit University, CHINA. He attended University of NUAA where he received his B.Sc. in Computer Engineering in 2003. His work centers on Big Data and Data Mining. As a computer audit expert, he has developed many audit information systems to support data process.


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