About the Journal

  • Journal of ICT Standardization

    The aims of this journal is to publish standardized as well as related work making "standards" accessible to a wide public - from practitioners to new comers. The journal aims at publishing in-depth as well as overview work including papers discussing standardization process and those helping new comers to understand how standards work.


    - Bring papers on new developments, innovations and standards to the readers

    - Cover pre-development, including technologies with potential of becoming a standard, as well as developed / deployed standards 

    - Publish on-going work including work with potential of becoming a standard technology 

    - Publish papers giving explanation of standardization and innovation process and the link between standardization and innovation.

    - Publish tutorial type papers giving new comers a understanding of standardization and innovation

- Standardization is essential for our society as well as economy from usage to communication between different devices, including interoperability 

- Standardization gives choice and reduces cost of the products 

- Standards make technology or create path for technologies to be available globally 

- As standards / standardization is essential part of human society, it is essential for people to understand standards and all aspects related to it