The Implementation of Ocular Health Service System Using Android Platform


  • Woongsik Kim Dept. Medical IT Engineering, Konyang University, #158, Daejeon, South Korea



Ocular Health, u-Healthcare, Measurement System, Service System, Android Platform


As the life expectancy of human increases, having a long and healthy life, Well-Aging, Wellness, and Anti-Aging become more important. There is a paradigm shift from diagnosis and treatment in the healthcare field to prognosis and prevention in daily life. The human part with the most capillary blood vessels is the inside of human eyes or the fundus oculi. These capillary blood vessels show characteristic changes prior to chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. In this study, a system is being developed to regularly collect data from the user, convert them into a database, and analyze to inform and warn any characteristic changes to users as they occur, such that users can proactively take care of their own eyes.


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Author Biography

Woongsik Kim, Dept. Medical IT Engineering, Konyang University, #158, Daejeon, South Korea

Woongsik Kim was team Leader of Korea Information and Communications, Development; Director of CECROP Electronic Communication Business Division; Senior Researcher of Korea Software Promotion Agency and Professor, Department of Medical Artificial Intelligence, Konyang University.


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