The Business Case for Automating Data Management

  • Mark Hobart Infoboss Limited, UK
Keywords: Data management, compliance, data quality management, data governance, unstructured data, business process automation, automated data management


Back in 2016, IDC forecast a ten-fold increase on business data processed globally by 2025. Combine this with increasing regulatory compliance and demand for quality data, then it is perhaps not a surprise to find that many businesses are feeling somewhat over-whelmed by the enormity of the data management and governance task they face. But, don’t despair, there is a compelling business case, both in terms of efficiency gains and tangible financial savings in adopting a strategy for centralising information governance and automating the management of your data.

This paper will explore the emerging problem domain of data and look at the business case for use of automated data management tools to better prepare your organisation for the tsunami of data coming its way.


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Author Biography

Mark Hobart, Infoboss Limited, UK

Mark Hobart received his B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science from Lancaster University in 1984. A serial entrepreneur with over 30 years’ experience in the computer software industry across a number of sectors. Mark has a passion for innovation and solving business problems with technology. His claim to fame was that he invented and built the first ever online motor insurance quotation service back in 1998 and met Bill Gates the following year! He has built and sold a number of computer software businesses over the years.

Data is his current focus and passion. To this end, he co-founded Infoboss, an innovative, search-based, automated data management platform.


Data is growing unabated a trend that is unlikely to change. The most difficult type of data to manage “unstructured data” in particular is growing at exponential rates and will soon account for 80% or more of our data estates.