• ICHRAK SAIF ENSIAS, Mohammed V University Rabat, Morocco
  • ABDELAZIZ SDIGUI DOUKKALI ENSIAS, Mohammed V University Rabat, Morocco
  • ADIL ENAANAI ENSIAS, Mohammed V University Rabat, Morocco
  • EL HABIB BENLAHMAR Faculty of science Ben M’sik, Hassan II University Casablanca, Morocco


Web search, semantic search engine, distributed search engine, user profile, genaum


The rapid development of services based on distributed architectures is now emerging as important items that transform mode of communication, and the exponential growth of the Web makes a strong pressure on technologies, for a regular improvement of performance, so it’s irresistible to use distributed architectures and techniques for the search and information retrieval on the Web, to provide more relevant search result, in minimum possible time. This paper discuss some solutions researchers are working on, to make search engines more faster and more intelligent, specifically by considering the semantic context of users and documents, and the use of distributed architectures. This paper also presents the overall architecture of GENAUM; the collaborative, semantic and distributed search engine, based on a network of agents, which is the core part of the system. The functionality of GENAUM is spread across multiple agents, to fulfill user’s performance expectations. At the end of this paper, some preliminary experimental results are presented, that attempts to test the user modeling process of GENAUM, using reference ontology.



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SAIF, I. ., DOUKKALI, A. S. ., ENAANAI, A. ., & BENLAHMAR, E. H. . (2018). GENAUM: NEW SEMANTIC DISTRIBUTED SEARCH ENGINE. Journal of Mobile Multimedia, 13(3-4), 210–221. Retrieved from