• KAORU SUGITA Fukuoka Institute of Technology
  • KEN NISHIMURA Graduate School of Fukuoka Institute of Technology
  • MASAO YOKOTA Fukuoka Institute of Technology


Multimedia Contents, User Interface, Sightseeing Information, Information Design


In our previous work, we already proposed a user interface switching function as a new concept of ‘universal multimedia access’ to narrow the digital divide by providing appropriate multimedia expressions according to users’ (mental and physical) abilities, computer facilities, and network environments. The user interface switching provides a User Interface (UI) with appropriate operations and media according to their computer skill and computer facilities. In order to evaluate our approach for user interface switching, we have constructed sightseeing contents and introduce 28 spots in 6 prefectures of Japan providing 9 types of user interfaces in HTML5 and Java Script. In this paper, we discuss the performance evaluation for the sightseeing contents.



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