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  • TYAS BASTIAN Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia, Jakarta
  • RIKAH MUSTIKA Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia, Jakarta
  • OCTARINA NUR SAMIJAYANI Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia, Jakarta
  • RIRI SAFITRI Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia, Jakarta


OFDM, Zero Padding, Rayleigh fading, Multipath, BER


This article report simulation of OFDM over various multipath Rayleigh fading channel, with dicussion on the guard interval method. Techniques of guard interval employed are Cyclic Prefix and Zero Padding, each with a range of ratio from 1:1 to 16:1. The transmission are simulated over Rayleigh fading channel applying 1 to 4 paths in comparison. Observations on BER value for OFDM transceiver is done with 16- QAM as the base modulation. Overall, implementation of zero padding for guard interval in this work has resulted on better performance in compare with those of cyclic prefix. With zero padding of 8:1 on 64 packet data, it is optimum in compare with variety of others. The deviation of BER is however less than 0.001 within each channel type with various guard interval. For Rayleigh environment, the error increased significantly up to 2 paths, but tended to saturate for 3 and 4 paths.



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