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Mobile Robos, Omnidirectional Wheelchair


In recent years, more and more convenient facilities and equipments have been developed in order to satisfy the requirements of elderly people and disabled people. Among them, wheelchair is a common one which is widely used and can provide the user with many benefits, such as maintaining mobility, continuing or broadening community and social activities, conserving strength and energy, and enhancing quality of life. The wheelchair body must be compact enough to go through narrow doorways. The wheelchair must be wide enough to prevent the patient from falling on the floor. A large footprint is therefore desirable for stability and safety, while wheelchairs must conform to dimen- sional constraints. In this paper, we present the implementation and evaluation of an omnidirectional wheelchair, which has a small size and can move easily in narrow spaces. In order to evaluate the implemented wheelchair, we carried out some experiments and discussed some implementation and application issues. The experimental results show that the implemented wheelchair in general works properly.



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