Pulsation Simulation and Energy Consumption Analysis of Series Pump Valve Cooperative Control Hydraulic System


  • Ke-chang Zhang Hunan Railway Professional Technology College, ZhuZhou 412001, China
  • Jin-yan Shi Hunan Railway Professional Technology College, ZhuZhou 412001, China




Series pump and valve cooperative control, hydraulic system; pulsation simulation; Energy consumption


In order to reduce the pulsation and the energy consumption of the hydraulic system, the series pump and valve cooperative control hydraulic system is designed, and the pulsation simulation and energy consumption analysis of it is carried out. Firstly, the working principle of series pump valve co control system is studied. Secondly, the mathematical model of series pump valve cooperation control system is established. And then the Controller of series pump valve cooperation control system is designed. Finally, the simulation analysis of the proposed hydraulic system is carried out, and results show that the proposed system has high stability and low energy consumption.


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Author Biographies

Ke-chang Zhang, Hunan Railway Professional Technology College, ZhuZhou 412001, China

Ke-chang Zhang received his B.Sc. degrees in Mold design and manufacture from Xiangtan University, China; Now, Ke-chang Zhang is an lecturer at Hunan Railway Professional Technical College, and he is a National technical experts, China; His research field of centers on machine design.

Jin-yan Shi, Hunan Railway Professional Technology College, ZhuZhou 412001, China

Jin-yan Shi received her B.Sc. degrees in Machine Design and Automation from Lanzhou Jiaotong University, China; M.Sc. degree in Drive Technology and Intelligent System from Southwest Jiaotong University, China; Now, Jinyan Shi is an associate professor at Hunan Railway Professional Technical College, and she is a key young teacher in Hunan Province, China; Her research field of centers on CFD modeling and simulation.


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