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2023: Vol 24 Iss 4
Published: 2023-11-07

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The International Journal of Fluid Power was established in 2000 as the first English language scientific journal fully dedicated to fluid power technology. It provides essential reading for engineers and academics interested in advances in modern fluid power (FP) technology. Fluid power refers to the discipline that involves the use of fluids to perform mechanical actuations. It encompasses hydraulic control systems and pneumatic systems. It is a well-established and independent discipline which has a defined research area and scholarly activities since at least seven decades. The educational and research activities related to the fluid power discipline serve a large and widespread industry reaching from agriculture, construction, transportation, aerospace, marine, manufacturing and entertainment industries.

The journal promotes and emphasizes fluid power technology as an independent and distinct field of engineering. In addition to promoting high-quality articles on research and development, the journals also promotes international fluid power conferences, workshops, and exhibitions taking place around the world sponsored by the Global Fluid Power Society (GFPS). All the published papers are peer reviewed by at least two leading experts of the fluid power community to ensure both technical quality and integrity.

Topics of interest for the journal include all areas of fluid power technology, including:

  • New design solutions for hydrostatic pumps and motors
  • Hydrostatic and hydraulic hybrid transmissions
  • New approaches for the analysis, modeling and design of hydraulic and pneumatic components
  • Control design methodologies and techniques for fluid power systems
  • Reduction of oscillations and vibrations of fluid power machines
  • New system configurations to reduce fuel consumption and increase productivity of fluid power machines
  • Safety, reliability, fault analysis, diagnosis and prognostic of fluid power systems
  • Digital and switched fluid power systems
  • Noise and vibration of fluid power components
  • Human scale applications of fluid power technology
  • Water hydraulics
  • Applications of fluid power in the field of renewable energy
  • Fluid power in manufacturing
  • Fluid power teleoperation and haptics
  • Fluid power in mobile and industrial robots
  • Environmental aspects of fluid power
  • Smart fluids and materials for fluid power systems

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