• ARJAN DURRESI Department of Computer and Information Science, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, IN 46202, USA
  • VAMSI PARUCHURI Department of Computer Science, University of Central Arkansas Conway, AR 72035, USA
  • LEONARD BAROLLI Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Fukuoka Institute of Technology Fukuoka, 811-0295, Japan


Adaptive Multicast, Wireless networks


Layered transmission is a promising solution to video multicast over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks. However, since the number of layers is practically limited, noticeable mismatches would occur between the coarse-grained layer subscription levels and the heterogeneous and dynamic rate requirements from the receivers. In this paper, we propose a Network-adaptive Layered Multicast (NALM) approach, that exploits the increasing computing and communications capabilities of wireless devices. We show that by having few multicast nodes (about 10% the number of receivers) to encode and decode the video, an improvement of more than 30% in bandwidth efficiency could be achieved. Furthermore, due to the proximity of such encoding/decoding nodes to the receivers than the source itself, more accurate and faster evaluation of network conditions would be possible leading to faster convergence and further improvement in efficiency.



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