The Disruptive Innovation Potential and Business Case Investment Sensitivity of Open RAN


  • Tsvetoslava Kyoseva Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Vladimir Poulkov Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Peter Lindgren Aarhus University, Denmark



5G, Open RAN, Disruptive Innovation, Business Model Innovation, Telecommunications


Every telecom constantly faces the dilemma of when to invest in the next generation infrastructure network and how the investment would be monetized. The telco value proposition comprises products, services, processes, technologies, and network infrastructure. This paper explores making the business case out of Open RAN investment for a 5G network, where Open RAN is further researched if telcos perceive it as radical or disruptive innovation. As part of the research, different telecom companies are approached with a set of questions. The results are analysed and mapped in a Business Model Innovation chart. Furthermore, this paper also covers an analysis related to evaluating the sensitivity of how profitable a telco could be depending on Open RAN TCO investment for 5G deployments and the number of customers using value propositions – products, services and processes. Two sensitivity scenarios are simulated so various combinations could be observed before taking any further decision for Open RAN 5G business model implementation.


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Author Biographies

Tsvetoslava Kyoseva, Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria

Tsvetoslava Kyoseva is a PhD student at Technical University, Sofia, Faculty of Telecommunications. Her research field is in the area of disruptive innovations in the telecommunication industry. She graduated Master Degree of Telecommunications in Technical University, Sofia and holds an MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Vienna. Mrs. Kyoseva is an experienced Innovations & Business Development practitioner, whose 20-year career path encompasses numerous managerial positions in renowned international telecom and tech companies. She was the lead of the first Telco Innovation Center in Bulgaria and has since worked with a large number of knowledge incubators and universities in the field of product innovation, beta-testing and market validation. She joins Methodia – a company providing innovative solutions for Utility and Telecom industries – in the spring of 2014 leading the Business Development, Projects & Innovations Department, while currently heads the company as a CEO.

Vladimir Poulkov, Technical University Sofia, Bulgaria

Vladimir Poulkov PhD has received the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Technical University of Sofia (TUS), Sofia, Bulgaria. He has more than 35 years of teaching, research, and industrial experience in the field of telecommunications, and has managed numerous industrial, engineering, R&D and educational projects. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Telecommunications at TUS and Vice Chairman of the General Assembly of the European Telecommunications Standardization Institute. He is Head of the “Teleinfrastructure” R&D laboratory at TUS, Head of the “Intelligent Telecommunication Infrastructures Laboratory” at Sofia Tech Park, Chairman of the “Cluster for Digital Transformation and Innovation”, Bulgaria. He is Senior IEEE Member and Fellow of the European Alliance for Innovation.

Peter Lindgren, Aarhus University, Denmark

Peter Lindgren holds a full Professorship in Multi business model and Technology innovation at Aarhus University, Denmark – Business development and technology innovation and is Vice President of CTIF Global Capsule(CGC). He is Director of CTIF Global Capsule/MBIT Research Centre at Aarhus University – Business Development and Technology and is member of Research Committee at Aarhus University – BSS. He has researched and worked with network based high-speed innovation since 2000. He has been head of Studies for Master in Engineering – Business Development and Technology at Aarhus University from 2014–2016 and member of the management group at Aarhus University BTECH 2014–2018. He has been a researcher at Politechnico di Milano in Italy (2002/03), Stanford University, USA (2010/11), University Tor Vergata, Italy (2016/2017) and has in the period 2007–2011 been the founder and Centre Manager of International Centre for Innovation at Aalborg University, founder of the MBIT research group and lab – – and is cofounder of CTIF Global Capsule –


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How to Cite

Kyoseva, T. ., Poulkov, V. ., & Lindgren, P. . (2023). The Disruptive Innovation Potential and Business Case Investment Sensitivity of Open RAN. Journal of Mobile Multimedia, 19(04), 985–1008.




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